Saturday, 27 April 2013

Analytics Report

In this blog post I will go through some of the statistics from my blogs analytics page. This should give some insight as to where most of the traffic visiting the blog came from and other information such as the most popular browsers and operating systems. (All of the below images are screenshots taken from the stats page within Blogger).

Since setting up the blog the overall page views is 509. However a lot of these views are probably from myself looking at the the blog to see if things were okay. There is an option to not track your own views by using a cookie but it never seemed to work when I tried it. My most popular blog post over the 11 weeks was my week 2 post, but this was due to people commenting on that post.

407 of the 509 page views came from Ireland, which makes sense. 36 came from Germany, 35 from the US and 16 from Russia. This seems a bit strange, but these page views were probably from bots.

The most popular browser was Firefox with 231 of the total views. This was followed by Google Chrome with 167 views. I thought that Chrome would be the more popular browser. But this could be due to the fact that not all the labs in the college have Chrome installed on them. Internet Explorer is third with 51 views. Honestly, whoever is using IE should be ashamed of themselves!

Next up is the number of page views by operating system. It should come as no surprise that Windows is the most popular with 446 of the total views. This is followed by Mac OS at 24 views and Linux with 16.

Next we will take a look at home people accessed the blog. Most people got to my blog via Colin's Blog where he had each persons blog listed on a page. This amounted to 142 page views. The next most popular way was was through a site called By the looks of this it is some sorrt of movie streaming site... These views were most probably from some sort of bot or web crawler. The rest are all from my class mates blogs where they have me listed in their blog roll.

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